Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Plant Wars zombie" Endlss50 splash breakthrough detailed Raiders

No opportunity to hit shots late ~ ~ on the map for this post I re-cut the time to play.

Note: below 5-2, 5 is the row in front, followed by 2 is both out ,5-2 line 5 column 2 of the building (an upgraded version of the purple mushroom)

Xiang Jie: Ice Watermelon: the role of main reducer, not a main battle fire, so do not, despite the row in section 2 and 5 can be discharged two ice watermelon ice 6 Road, but taking into account the special circumstances of the proposed release Figure 4 . Location can be the first three Sunflower land swap (personal feeling is in the final surface Insurance)

Mushroom upgrade: 2-2 and 5-2 is the map location of the two purple things like octopus (8 asshole thing), this thing can be said that the essence of my layout, while the direction of attack around 8 enemy attack with penetrating (that is around the same time, regardless of how much appear strange, he can also attack to.)

Role: to deal with zombies and a giant drill to throw out a small zombie zombie. Where there is no magnet drill to 100% of zombies out there from the last, and lost little giant zombie mainly in the first three, so an 8 octopus asshole all buttoned up on the whole, do not waste corn cannon to fight these animals, particularly In the late effect of significantly better than beans and Double Star ~ ~

Protection of San :1-2 6-2 2-6 5-6 on those few radishes, role: to protect the surrounding eight cells, including their own level will not be jumping zombies captured, Note: spring-level zombie will not grasp corn cannon ~ ~ ~ ~, sure other players can make use of the ice jump class to deal with zombie mushrooms, I was so created, in order to reduce the operation, and protection of the units are upgraded, upgrade the ENDLESS in the unit prices will increasingly more expensive

To stab: The main role is to delay the progress of the giant zombie, (what is about to fight a giant zombie, hit upgrade under ground stab Yaoda N), an upgrade late to stab the price is very expensive, the proposed section 7 only on land put a row is enough, put the front easily and get consumed.

Large stone: water front of the two things, the role of blocking water dolphin, is not essential that two stones down, the water corn guns are safe, on the first nine, then they are unable to stop the dolphin.

:3-7, which attract a magnet, suction money, and I have only played less than one week, no money ~ ~ ~ they do not want to modify, so every challenge I have made this out of this ~ ~ ~, do not need the money Players can transform others, such as double-headed sunflower

Kitten :4-7, role, playing balloon, in fact, have grasped the operation can transform other players, watermelon ice deceleration, balloon unhappy. The other kitten, and the location of the magnet can be placed on the ice as the reserved mushrooms.

Note: a water gun behind the four corn is the most secure, the other four are not safe, water every 3 waves zombie to suddenly emerge, location in 3-6 to 3-9,4-6 to 4 - 9, easy to eat up the front of the two corn cannon, while the latter part of the price of corn almost all the thousands of artillery.

Solution: 1 quantity of corn before the assault, certainly too late to see the resort to advance the basic amount of time away at that time to launch red row

2 3-74-7 reserve a place, strange place there when the cherry (one explosion), or put ice mushrooms, arises in the strange activated with coffee beans

Note: 2 Land 4 corn cannon be easily eaten by the giant lost the little giant, mostly fried giant deep-fried corn gun too early, giant zombies will lose in the first four, dimensions, control the corn cannon off the bomb is very important, so to speak, corn cannon off the single point is always the position in the 2-8 and 5-8 (except for every 3 which splashed the water cannon defense capacity in advance), can be a little bit and then left to ensure that not Giants hit too early, so little giant will lose in three, do not use corn gun drilling back to zombies and zombies, all the back to eight asshole it out, save shells hit in front.

Note: Three non-stop building to a single location update pumpkin mask, I usually bring a copy of a pumpkin mask, mainly to the first one ice watermelon, sunflower Column 3, update the water 2 stone, but slightly damaged a pumpkin mask, can set new, do not wait no more supplemented certainly too late. And pumpkin mask can be said that the only price plans will not increase the building, 100 block, several two-headed support of sunflower can live in their spending.

Note: Do not be too early to complete Figure 4 arrangement, the long update, use pre-8 corn enough, had enough to 9990 then updates all good, I hit 49, but this was still 9990, but the wave of 50 serious mistakes, fried front, and four corn cannon were lost big zombie zombies eat the small, 51 ~ ~ waves crash across the board, personal feeling good control of this team is expected to exceed total of 60 or more.

Note: more than 5 one-time consumption of materials protected with barbed Anyway, a one-time price of goods will not be long.

Note: Six replenish the first seven were destroyed in the upgrade to stab

Note: Do not take offense to seven deep-fried corn cannon, especially Giants, the key to grasp the rhythm, the 10 corn cannon, the main bomb Xiaoguai, have watermelon deceleration, the basic Giants came when the first seven bar was corn cannon Xiaoguai to bring death.

Originally wanted to see what other masters better layout, sold a shut, the result of the fast post Shen, to ranger made a rare patch, come on suspected irrigation ~ ~ ~, helpless updated only speed, not me, Upload a picture how Ranger in not even a watermark, others reproduced Zaban ~ ~ ~, and finally out of the watermark itself up !!!!!

That the younger brother I wrote it okay to give a little clap ~ ~ ~

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