Thursday, August 5, 2010

Source of value, the value of thinking small tree

As one has grown in ten years in the remote mountains and trees, are often eager to one day become a valuable material, "ten trees, monumental," the old saying, give us great hope, the longing for a better future, also produced a series of the value of the future fate of the association:

1, Imagination 1

If, one day the owner can be a consensus by the Chinese and materials, according to the material and figure, I will be absolutely beautiful round design works of art, and can choose to world-class masters carved on me, take me to build unique world of art, worth soared at this time I am sure might be worth a million dollars, auction house Sotheby may please me to the finale; what the British Museum, the Louvre Museum, the National Palace Museum, invited me to a guest, had to鐪嬫垜鎰夸笉鎰挎剰绉绘锛屽埌閭f椂锛屼汉浠鍒版垜灏辫薄浣涙暀寰掕鍒拌闊冲儚锛屽熀鐫e緬瑙佸埌鑰剁ǎ鍍忎竴鏍凤紝涓嶅磭鎷滀笉琛岋紝璇翠笉瀹氱涓夋涓栫晫澶ф垬浼氬洜鎴戣?璧枫?

銆??浜屻?鐣呮兂浜?br />
銆??鎴栬鏈変竴澶╂垜琚竴涓湪鍖犵湅涓婏紝灏嗘垜鎷夋垚鏉裤?閿垚鏉★紝鐓х尗鐢昏檸鍦板姞宸ヤ竴閫氾紝灏嗘垜鎵撻?鎴愭櫘鏅?閫氱殑妗屾銆侀棬绐椾粈涔堢殑锛屼笉鏄憜鍦ㄥ鍐呬换浜烘媿銆佷换浜鸿俯锛屽氨鏄暥鍦ㄥ涓婂嚟椋庡惞銆佷换闆ㄦ墦锛屽埌閭f椂锛屼篃鍙兘榛橀粯蹇嶅彈杩欎竴鍒囦簡锛岃繕寰楀簡骞歌嚜宸辨病鏈夎鍔犲伐涓洪┈妗凤紝澶╁ぉ鍛嗗湪闃存殫鐨勮钀斤紝瑁呰嚟闂昏噴銆?br />
Third, the Imagination III

I hope they are not being Woodman phase, chopped a few of my column back off, hack numerous pieces of debris, lost in the sun exposure for several days, and then fire into the furnace, or for cooking or heating for the people, their wind , rain, sun, frost ridden energy accumulated over 10 years, as short as 35 minutes, more than ten minutes long also been depleted to the point, their 10 years of hard, bright vision of the future , also engraved with the puff of smoke between the dumping of ashes.

銆??鍏跺疄锛屾垜涓庢垜鐨勫悓浠佷竴鏍峰彧涓嶈繃鏄竴妫靛巻缁忓崄骞撮闆ㄦ垚闀胯捣鏉ワ紝杈冧负鏅?鐨勬爲鏈紝鑷繁韬笂涔熷氨浠庡湡鍦颁笌闃冲厜涓辈鍙栦簡涓?簺钀ュ吇鎴愪唤锛岀Н鑱氫簡涓?簺鑳介噺锛岃兘绗﹀悎浠ヤ笂鍑犳柟闈㈢殑闇?眰鎽嗕簡锛屽鏋滀竴瀹氳鎸夌収甯傚満缁忔祹瀵硅嚜宸变及涓环鐨勮瘽锛屼篃灏卞?涓櫨鏉ュ潡閽卞惂!涔嬫墍浠ヤ細浜х敓杩欎箞澶氫笉鍚岀殑鐣呮兂锛屽畬鍏ㄦ槸鍦ㄨ繖涓悍绻佸鏉傜殑涓栫晫閲岋紝浜轰滑鐢ㄤ笉鍚岀殑鏂瑰紡鏉ュ寰呮垜浠墍閫犳垚鐨勶細鍗充娇鑳借鎵撻?鎴愪环鍊艰繛鍩庣殑鑹烘湳绮惧搧锛屼篃涓嶈兘璇存槑鎴戠殑鑷韩浠峰?鏈夊楂橈紝鑰屾槸璁捐浜哄憳閫氳繃鎴戝弽鏄犲叾濂囧阀鐨勬瀯鎯筹紝鍔犲伐鑰呯敤蹇冨苟瀹岀編鍦板皢杩欎簺鏋勬兂鍙樹负鐜板疄锛屽憟鐜板湪浜轰滑闈㈠墠鑰屽凡锛岃鍒颁环鍊硷紝鎴戠殑浠峰?姘歌繙鍙笉杩囨槸鐧惧崄鏉ュ潡锛岃?涓斿姞宸ヨ繃绋嬩腑杩樺乏鍒囧彸纾ㄧ殑锛岄櫎鍘讳簡澶ч儴鍒嗭紝鍓╀笅鐨勫叾瀹炰篃浜嗕簡鏃犲嚑锛屽叾浠栭兘寰楀綊鍔熶簬璁捐鑰呭拰鍒堕?鑰呬簡;鑳芥墦閫犳垚妗屾銆侀棬绐楋紝铏界劧涔熸槸閲忚韩鎵撻?锛屼笖灏嗘垜鐨勫ぇ閮ㄥ垎鏉愭枡鐢ㄤ笂锛屼絾浠庝环鍊间笂璇达紝鎴戠殑浠峰?杩樻槸鐧惧崄鏉ュ潡锛屽嵆浣垮埄鐢ㄧ巼姣斿姞宸ヤ负鑹烘湳鍝侀珮鍑哄緢澶氾紝浣嗗叾澧炲?涔熷氨鏄繖涔堝嚑鍗佸潡锛屼笉杩囧ソ鐢繕鎬绘湁涓?偣澧炲?锛岃兘浣撶幇鏈ㄥ尃鐨勫姵鍔ㄤ环鍊?鑻ヨ妯靛か閫変腑锛屽妶鎴愭煷鐑э紝鎴戠殑韬环鍊间篃涓嶅洜妯靛か鐨勮儭鍔堜贡鐮嶈?鍑忓皯锛岃櫧鐒舵鏃舵垜鐨勫埄鐢ㄧ巼鏈?珮锛屽彧鏄璐垜鐨勬ǖ澶潵璇达紝涓嶅悎鐞嗙殑浣跨敤涓嶄絾涓嶈兘涓哄叾浜х敓澧炲?锛岃?涓斿噺鍊间笉灏戝晩銆?br />
Qualified workers a role in material objects only, the value determined at time of purchase on the basic, as to why then have three different value-added results, key is not the material itself, the level of utilization can not be determining factor Although a great relationship with the processing apparatus, it is not fundamental, working on their design and use of the process in line with the design process, is the fundamental source of its value. Therefore, as the material of the user who should be from a strategic, value-added technological up mining source, once the directional error, and then much effort is futile.


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