Saturday, October 23, 2010

Compilation of various source - circle

cseg segment
assume cs: cseg, ds: cseg, ss: cseg
org 100h

mov ax, 13h
int 10h

mov dx, 3c8h
xor al, al
out dx, al
inc dx
mov cx, 256
xor al, al
lopp: out dx, al
out dx, al
out dx, al
inc al
dec cx
jnz lopp

mov ax, 0a000h
mov es, ax

fild y_rad
fild x_rad

fild angle

fmul st, st (2)
fistp x_co

fmul st, st (2)
fistp y_co

add x_co, 160
add y_co, 100

xor di, di
mov ax, y_co
shl ax, 6
add di, ax
shl ax, 2
add di, ax
add di, x_co

mov byte ptr es: [di], cl
inc cl

fadd yvel
fxch st (1)
fadd xvel
fxch st (1)

inc angle
jnz loopdr

xor ax, ax
int 16h

mov ax, 3
int 10h

int 20h

x_co dw 0
y_co dw 0

x_rad dw 10
y_rad dw 10

xvel dq 0.001
yvel dq 0.001

angle dw 0

cseg ends
end start

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