Friday, October 8, 2010

Qihoo 360 Xiemoshalv download station block group

According to media reports, Zhou Hongyi, chairman of odd tiger resort has recently been abroad, but this did not prevent his command of the 360 security guards to "fade." Recently, the 360 security guards just launched new version of "treasure-house software" section, section 360, the software officially available for download.

Zhou Hongyi, I have not been though this position, but the odd tiger 360 This time the depth to meddle in software and game downloads, which means that it is increasing "cold winter" efforts to move the exploration operation, should also not be warm to wear odd tiger 360 on the jacket. However, the winter came, we all cold, should wear a jacket. Qihoo 360 people download site which warm the jacket away, and software download sites how to overwinter it?

About 360 odd tiger, I naturally think of a joke: "summer home, home computer problems, give her a strange tiger installed 360 security guards, and then taught her to use. Result my mother side of the knitting, while asking me : 'That there are five days how to do?'. " Jokes ridicule is an odd tiger 360 does not give users a 100% security. In fact, the odd tiger 360 days not only is the lack of problems, through the odd tiger 360 to encroach on the software download this, I also think the Church really is something missing tiger 360.

Has always been a "showstopper" Zhou Hongyi known, the depth to meddle in software download, if only from the business logic perspective, the Internet, "no innovation, or give me death" concept driven by the move to expand business scope; However, in this respect business logic to the Commercial Management of the times occupied by the enemy, to meddle in the software download 360 odd tiger, really have a Xiemoshalv, the business occupied by the enemy burning bridges missing the taste of management.

If the Church has some 360 known tiger, then the enhancement of its reputation can not do without the strong support download site. At first, download site for pushing Qihoo 360, always take it on with the old well-known software such as Rising almost a prominent position. Can be said that today 360 odd tiger, download site has achieved a lot. Only 360 odd tiger does not buy the account download sites, but also a challenge to the download site.

As we all know, software downloads, channel software industry value chain is an integral part of profits. Free software download now price is about 0.1 to 0.5 yuan, charging the commission software to download sites or even up to tens of dollars, large commercial software, the commission is not capped. It is learned that a major software download site or even up to 10 million yuan annual income. So fat, odd tiger 360 how can I miss it! Consequently, there will be a rush of warm winter jacket download site move patients out. In view of this, we should know, is the odd tiger 360 missing what it!

For someone else's jacket winter, rob the people are warm, and robbed the people are very cold. However, involving their own or someone else warming warm it is related to survival, robbed of jacket will be struggling to fight the people, and not make people succeed so easily. Qihoo 360 to meddle in software download, grab the jacket download site, download site how can I turn a blind eye too! A collective block 360 odd tiger and the action seems to be brewing into a trend.

Installed a number of download sites from the location of essential terms, in addition to a handful of sites remain good location, the sky has 360 security guards from the high traffic necessary in removing installed; IT168 to the ranking of 360 has been greatly rearward, Free Software is not recommended the latest version of 360. Resistance in the download site under the odd tiger 360 site traffic also fell.

Oh, it seems odd tiger 360 people to grab jacket winter is still hard to come true this dream. Nongbu Hao, may not even own a coat will warm the collective neglect of others among the missing!

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